SCAR-L Carbine - Battlefield: Bad Company 2 wiki

Damage   20-12.5
Range     19M
Magazine       30
Rate of Fire  600 RPM
Reload Speed      3.3s
Recoil  20.0 kick
Fire Mode Automatic
Unlocked at 2,510 EXP

The SCAR-L is a Belgium submachine gun that appears in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


The 2nd weapon unlocked in the Engineer kit, the SCAR-L ties with the 9A-91 and UMP for highest damage, but also has the highest recoil of all the SMGs. It has great ironsights, making a Red Dot Sight unnecessary.

Compared to the 9A-91, the SCAR-L is a much better early SMG. With clearer ironsights and larger magazine, its only downfall is that it has a higher recoil.

Because of the high recoil, its neccesary to burst fire at win long range encounters.

Like all SMGs,, it's equipped with a Suppresor by default.

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