PP-2000 Avtomat - Battlefield: Bad Company 2 wiki

Damage    11.2-10
Range      19 M
Magazine        40
Rate of Fire  1000 RPM
Reload Speed     2.85s
Recoil    18 kick
Fire Mode  Automatic
Unlocked at 32, 000 EXP

The PP-2000 is a submachine gun that appears in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


Being the 6th submachine, the PP-2000 has one of the highest rates of fire in the game, tying with the MG3 at 1000 RPM. Also boasting a low recoil, the PP-2000 can be used to counter-snipe snipers at long ranges. 

Like all SMGs, the PP-2000 comes with a suppresor attached by default.

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