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Damage   16.7-14.3
Range        19M
Magazine          30
Rate of Fire    700 RPM
Reload Speed        2.9s
Recoil      9.0 kick
Fire Mode   Automatic
Unlocked at 35, 000 EXP

The M416 is an Assault Rifle in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


The M416 is the 6th weapon unlocked in the Assault kit. Its controllable recoil and high damage makes it a very useful weapon at long and medium ranges, although the player will find it difficult to win CQB battles. Because of its versatility, the M416 is a very commonly used weapon.

Compared to the AUG, the M416 is superior at longer ranges while the AUG has slightly better CQB cabilities. The M416 has a higher damage over range and a lower recoil while the AUG has a lower hipspread.

The ironsights on the weapon are slightly misaligned, so it's advisable to use a Red Dot Sight or an ACOG scope when using the M416.

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