M16A2 - Battlefield: Bad Company 2 wiki

Damage       14.3
Range          -
Magazine         30
Rate of Fire    800 RPM
Reload Speed         3.3s
Recoil       15 kick
Fire Mode 3-Round Burst
Unlocked at     47, 000

The M16A2 isn American Assault Rifle that appears in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. 


The last weapon unlocked in the Assault kit, the M16A2 is a commonly seen Assault Rifle.

Compared to the AN-94, the M16A2 has a faster rate of fire in addition to no damage dropoff over range. However, it has a much greater recoil, forcing the player the shoot slower.

Its often seen with an ACOG scope and Magnum ammunition to combat targets at long range. The lack of damage dropoff makes it especially useful for countersniping.

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