AN-94 Abakan - Battlefield: Bad Company 2 wiki

Damage 16.7-14.3(PC)
Range           19M
Magazine             30
Rate of Fire        600 RPM
Reload Speed            3.4s
Recoil         3.0 kick
Fire Mode     2-Round Burst
Unlocked at      28, 000 EXP

The AN-94 is an Assault Rifle that appears in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


The 5th weapon unlocked in the Assault kit, the AN-94 is a very commonly used weapon because of its low recoil, and high damage. There seems to be almost no pause between the bursts, meaning that the player can theoretically fire as fast as they can pull the trigger. However, the recoil increases with each consecutive bursts, which will make long range encounters difficult. 

Compared to the M16A2, the AN-94 has less recoil. It also has a lower damage per burst, but a shorter pause between bursts and damage dropoff over range. (M16A2 does 42.9 DMG per burst, while the AN-94 does 40 DMG at close range and 28.6 at long range on the console).

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