Battlefield: Bad Company

Russia and the United States are at each others throats and it's up too a group of troublemakers known as 'Bad Company' to stop them from blowing each other up, but stumble onto something bigger and more profitable.

  • The game has its own full length singleplayer which is fun for a couple of hours if you are looking for something to do.
  • The big seller for this game is the multiplayer which supports up to 24 players on each server. It also includes twenty-five ranks, each from the U.S. Army (Corporal, Sergeant, Colonel etc.).
  • Players can earn different types of rewards for their kills, achieving an objective, and doing something special.


PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
First-Person Shooter
Electronic Arts/EA Games
Original US Release Date: 
June 23, 2008

Top Battlefield: Bad Company Achievements

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