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Ammo Capacity 30
Ammunition Type 5.56x45mm NATO
Reload Time  
Rate of Fire 800 RPM
Fire Mode Automatic
Used By Assault
Unlocked at 220000 Assault Score
Faction USMC

The M16A3 is a variant of the M16 family that appears in Battlefield 3.

"The 3rd generation of M16A3 has been upgraded with a RIS (Rail Interface System) for mounting accessories and is capable of Automatic and Semi-Automatic fire. Available to front line units engaged in urban combat, the M16A3's low recoil makes a capable all around weapon."



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  • Originally, only one variant of the M16, the M16A4, was set to appear in Battlefield 3. After the end of the Alpha, another M16 was implemented into the game. The M16A4 fires in burst and semi-automatic, while the M16A3 fires in automatic and semi-automatic

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