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Ammo Capacity 30
Ammunition Type 5.45x39mm WP
Reload Time  
Rate of Fire 650 RPM
Fire Mode Semi-automatic
Used By Engineer 
Unlocked at 145000 Engineer Score
Faction Spetsnaz

The AKS-74u is a Russian submachine gun that appears in Battlefield 3. It is the default Spetsnaz Engineer weapon unlocked in multiplayer.

"Derived from the AKS-74, the AKS-74u is a shortened Carbine with the power of a rifle cartridge but the size of a submachine gun. Often called by its nickname 'Krinkov' the shortened barrel makes the weapon inaccurate at medium ranges but extremely effective in close quarters. Due to its incredibly short length the AKS-74U cannot mount a foregrip or a bipod."



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Video of the AKS-74U in action.

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