Hard Difficulty Walkthrough (by XL_ARES_IX) - Battlefield 3

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Okay, I just registered an account here only to congratulate you on this brilliant walkthrough.

The quality of the videos is good and you have a playstyle that is just fun to watch - you're really good, but you're not just rushing through the game, you still take the time to show the viewers what's going on.

Most important, you comment only when necessary, keeping the atmosphere of the game alive. And when you comment, your tips and guidelines are on the point.

This is what video reviews should look like. Helpful to the ones who use it as a guide, but still interesting for those who just want to take a look at the game.

I've watched the whole thing with my roommate last night, and we were really having a blast.

Thanks a lot and, by all means, keep up the good work!



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