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Operation Swordbreaker
Location Sulaymaniyah
Date March 13th, 2014
Objective(s) Rendezvous with Cole:
  • Move out with squad

Locate Viper Squad:

  • Follow squad
  • Secure parking lot:
  • Hold off enemies to the east
  • Secure the area
  • Take out RPGs

Take out sniper:

  • Regroup in garage
  • Follow squad
  • Pick up the RPG

Cover Chaffin's extraction:

  • Get into position
  • Protect squad

Locate Viper Squad:

  • Follow squad

Investigate Meat Market:

  • Follow squad

Secure I.E.D. site:

  • Trace wire to source
  • Cut the red wire
  • Reach the top

Clear LZ of enemies:

  • Clear the walkway area
  • Hold the walkway area
  • Get on the 50 cal
  • Defend
Character Sgt. Henry Blackburn
Faction 1st Reconnaissance Battalion
Enemy Forces People's Liberation and Resistance
Weapons M4A1, AT4, Mk-11,
M67 Grenade, Combat Knife
Enemy Weapons AEK-971, AK-74M, G3A3,
Saiga-12k, RPG-7v2

Operation Swordbreaker is a playable single-player mission that appears in Battlefield 3.


Henry Blackburn and the rest of the squad are travelling in an LAV-25 when their commander, Captain Cole, orders them to locate a missing squad who were investigating a possible IED in hostile territory. 

The squad moves through buildings towards the area where the squad was last heard from. Tremors are felt as they proceed through they school as they are within proximity of a major faultline. Arriving at the gates of a wide street, they pause as an enemy technical passes by--they are not in a friendly part of town.

While the squad clears a hotel parking lot, Chaffin is shot by an unseen sniper. As the rest of the squad rushes into cover to defend against the ambushing hostiles, Blackburn pulls Chaffin into the safety of a garage. 

They enemies seemingly retreat, and the squad regroups. However, an enemy shoots an RPG-7v2 at a nearby car, triggering another wave of hostiles. After fighting off yet another ambush, the squad heads up into a nearby building to dispose of the sniper.

The squad proceeds to their original objective, the location of Viper squad. Hostiles are taken down in a building and two of the missing marines are located dead. Outside, the squad finds the rest of Viper squad in a disabled HMMWV in an extremely exposed area. Seeing a red wire trailing out of a nearby van, squad leader Campo orders Blackburn to investigate the source of the possible IED. Trailing it to a laundromat basement, Blackburn manages to pull one of two wires before being assaulted by an unarmed PLR soldier. Blackburn manages to knock him out and pull the last wire before the IED explodes.

Fighting their way up to the building's roof, the squad stealthily maneuvers towards the sniper. As the sniper is dug into a spider nest in the hotel, the squad uses Matkovic's AT4 to destruct a large portion of the deserted building.

Gunfire is immediately heard. Ordered back outside, Blackburn sees Marine reinforcements rushing towards an overpass where an even larger force of PLR attackers advancing. Despite nearly being overwhelmed, Marine forces, helped by Blackburn and his M240 manages to repel the enemy forces.

With a pair of AH-6 Little birds arriving as fire support, Marine forces also manage to hold off flanking enemy forces. However, just as the enemy retreats, an earthquake rips apart the city and a tall building collapses towards the Marine forces.

Hard Difficulty Walkthough

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