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Battlefield 3 gives the option for the player to install a file called "HD Content" to their storage device. This is more predominantly a matter concerning the console rather the PC, because free storage space and performance is not as much of a concerning factor than it is on the console. This install contains "extra" information about the texture and image data that already exist without the install. By installing it, the player already sees sharper edges and vivid coloring.

As you can see in the video, the HD Content is a must-have if you play with a high-definition display. Otherwise, everything is smooth, rounded, and blended, and the over-all picture quality can be referred to that of Call of Duty: World at War.

The optional install is for performance purposes, and is ultimately up to the user to install. The downside of this is that in the Xbox 360, it is mandatory that the install be to an internal storage device officially licensed by Microsoft; it cannot be installed to an external flash drive. The size of the install is 1.5 GB, and is installed from the Multiplayer disc.

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explicit_baron's picture

WOW that's a hell of a difference.

Semblance's picture

In case you're wondering, PS3 users get it by default, since it's included in the mandatory install.

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I hope this doesn't crash halfway through the game for us that have launch models. Naughty Dog (in a story on 1up) had a problem with their code having to do with a similar function of streaming the textures and stuff for the fat models and re-wrote code 2 days before going gold.  However, I think they were streaming from the disk and hopefully the textures being on the hard drive (thanks DICE for taking a chunk of my 40g's) won't make my system go crazy.

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

@celeste_magix I have a 2009 fat model AND a launch model (which was RROD repaired by microsoft) and after about 2 1/2 hours of playing for each console, it froze once on my launch model, but that was remedied by installing the day 1 patch.

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I'm glad I have the 250 gigabyte hard drive to install this texture pack. I am not a graphics whore, but I honestly don't know if I could play this with such dismal textures.

MarioDragon's picture

I know it won't happen in the practical future, but consoles need an update. Cmon Sony and Microshaft, even Nintendo will have more power than you soon...

AinEstonia's picture

@MarioDragon That's the biggest weakness of consoles. Even if tomorrow Sony/Microsoft released the best consoles evar, that were more powerful than any PC, within a few years they would still inevitably become steaming piles of shit :D

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knida proves the point of blu rays over dvds

Ballistic Berez's picture

I'm glad I recently bought the new Xbox 360 so I have more memory. Until then i just had the original 20 GB (In other words 13.9 GB).

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So how do I install this texture pack?  I'm getting it from GameFly and I've been seeing that the pack is on a second cd, does this mean I'm totally fucked?

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

@parrisgg GameFly always sends both discs (even if you have a 1-disc plan). I know from experience when  I had them send me Oblivion GOTY.

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looks like a ps2 game without the hd pack

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I have the arcade version of the xbox with 3 Gig (long story dont ask) and i have around 2 Gig free but when i try to install the HD pack it says it can only install on xbox hard drives. anyone know why that space is not considered hard drive space? thanks.

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