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Caspian Border
Location Iran-Turkmenistan border
Terrain Open country side
Urban checkpoints
Combat Heavy Vehicular Combat
Infantry combat
Gameplay Modes Conquest
Squad Rush
Team Deathmatch
File Name (mp_forest)

Caspian Border is a multiplayer map that appears in Battlefield 3. Announced at Gamescom 2011, Caspian Border features an open terrain forest, perfect for vehicular combat, and centralized urban ares for infantry on infantry engagements. 

"A recon Russian force has set up camp on the Turkmenistan side of the Iranian border and proceeded to take over the heavily built up border check point."


On conquest, the majority of the flags are centralized near the main road at the center of the map. Claiming control over the B and C flags are vital to a team's success in Conquest;by capturing the two central flags, players essentially choke the opposing team to the narrow path at the bottom of the map and in their spawn.  USMC forces are able to break through a B-C spawntrap much easier because of Checkpoint flag, which features a large amount of cover and flanks which allows American teams to recapture their close-flag easily. An advantage that Spetsnaz forces have is the amount of foilage near their main base and its elevated position. This allows vehicles to advance more easily than the American side;USMC vehicles must traverse a large amount of area that features low hills. The lack of covering allows enemy forces to damage vehicles trying to advance which provides a significant advantage for enemies.

The B flag is arguably the most centralized flag in Caspian Border. Providing an elevated position as well as proximity to the Checkpoint and Forest Flags, teams should prioritize the capture of this significant flag. While the elevated position provides great advantage to advancing forces, the area is incredibly difficult to defend. Two anti-vehicles launchers overlook the two main roads that lead up to the Hill, but they're positioned in a way that exposes users greatly to enemy fire. The Hill is also designed in a way that allows attackers easily to "sneak through the backdoor". Enemies advancing from C can utilize a side path that contains a small rock ledge to flank defenders overlooking the C flag, and attackers from D can climb ontop of the boulders to pick off defenders. A well coordinated attack can easily overwhelm attacks of The Hill.




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