Story Teller Achievement - Batman: Arkham City

Have 12 murderous dates with Calendar Man
Achievement Value: 

In the Soloman Wayne Courthouse (the courthouse in the beginning of the game when you rescue Catwoman, who is hanging over a pit of acid, from TwoFace), you can talk to the Calendar Man, who is locked up in the basement. You will notice a calendar on the wall next to his cell with 12 days circled.

  • January 1st (New Years Day)
  • February 14th (Valentines Day)
  • March 17th (St. Patrick's Day)
  • April 1st (April Fools Day)
  • May 13th 2012 (or May 8th 2011) (Mothers Day) (Be sure to adjust the year)
  • June 19th 2011 (Father's Day) (Be sure to adjust the year)
  • July 4th (Independence Day)
  • August 16th (Feast Day of Saint Roch)
  • September 5th (Labor Day)
  • October 31st (Halloween)
  • November 24th 2011 (Thanksgiving) (Be sure to adjust the year)
  • December 25th (Christmas)

If you talk to Calendar Man on each of these days, he will tell you a story about someone he murdered on that day. The corresponding month will also be crossed off the calendar. 

To get this achievement quickly, disconnect your console from the internet, and change the consoles system date. Then speak to Calender Man, and then walk out the back door to get the game to save. 

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but since the console is disconnected doesnt that mean the achievement doesnt count to your gamer score?

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If you reconnect your console to the internet after getting the achievement, it should give you full credit. But if you test this out and find otherwise, be sure to let me know.

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Has anyone tried this yet?

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This works just fine. To be safe I stood around until he was done talking eace time. I didn't wanna just hit interact and leave and run the risk of it not counting and having to do it all over again. If your xbox is not connected to the internet you still get the achievements you try for. The only time they don't register is when you recover your profile to a new xbox and get achievements while disconnected. As long as you use the same xbox your profile was originally on, and reconnect with that same xbox, it will work perfectly.

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The calender on the wall goes by the year it is. For example, if it's 2015 it goes by went the specific dates like Mother's Day 10, Father's Day 21, Thanksgiving 26. I also took a picture of the calender, and written it down then looked on a calender in real life and they was the same dates that I written down. Also about the achievement counts no matter if u disconnect of XBL. The reason why I know this is bc I play offline all the time. And as soon as u connect back to Live it just updates your achievements so u don't have to do it all again.

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