Parts 60 - 75 - Batman: Arkham City

Catwoman Alternate Ending Batman Dies - Part 61

Cutscene and Dialogue - Part 62

Scan the Helicopters - Part 63

Hugo Strange Cutscene - Part 64

Strange's Henchmen Fight - Part 65

Wonder Tower Foundation Again - Part 66

Wonder Tower - Part 67

Hugo Strange Cutscene 2 - Part 68

Take Out the Snipers - Part 69

Joker Cutscene 4 - Part 70

Clayface Boss Fight - Part 71

Final Cutscene - Part 72

Catwoman Epilogue - To the Museum - Part 73

Catwoman Epilogue - Through the Museum - Part 74

Catwoman Epilogue - Two Face Boss Fight - Part 75

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for the gliding achievement you have to use the grapnel boost thing from the AR training missions to grapple back up to a pole without landing on the pole.

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yeah the last catwoman part was hard but not hard enough to complain that much

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Is that you guys rewinding the video on the Catwoman alt ending or does the game do that automatically?
That would be kick-ass.

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The evil version of Batman would be a villain named Hush. He did go to school with him they were best friends. Hush as a kid wanted to be exactly like him he even tried to kill his parents to inherit there fortune but his mom survived from the surgical skills by Bruce Wayne's father.  There is a side mission dealing with him he is a skilled surgeon and kills people, to recreate his face to look exactly like Bruce Wayne.    

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The Big Bad Wolf.

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She can "handle" 6 guys at

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She can "handle" 6 guys at

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great guide dan!

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what is the best upgrade in the game?

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The game does it. I guess it's Arkham Citys Version of the "broken System"-Scene in Asylum.

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Some helpful stuff in here...

BTW: New Game Plus is a lot harder than Hard Difficulty - you guys should do a Drink Along of that!

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I played through this again, with a lot of grinding and I have to add that this guide is somewhat lackluster when it comes to combat. Dan himself noticed that often times he barely made it through the scenes, while at the same time using only the most basic attacks. Actually there is much more to it that just mashing the block button and getting instant takedowns. The cape stun or advanced abilities like disarm&destroy are actually super helpful (not to mention cool) once you get the hang of them.

I wish you guys would have tried every approach and then showed your viewers what seems to work best.

Just barely getting by should not be the quality standard for a walkthrough.

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