Parts 31 - 45 - Batman: Arkham City

Mr. Freeze Cutscene 2 - Part 31

Blood Trail - Part 32

Robin Cutscene - Part 33

Subway Maintenance Access - Part 34

Wonder Tower Foundations - Part 35

Scan Mechanical Guardians - Part 36

Talia al Ghul Cutscene - Part 37

Demon Trials - Part 38

Ra's al Ghul Cutscene - Part 39

Ra's al Ghul Boss Fight - Part 40

Ra's al Ghul Cutscene 2 - Part 41

Leaving Wonder Tower Foundations - Part 42

Subway Terminal - Part 43

Subway Fight - Part 44

Mayor Quincy Sharp Cutscene - Part 45

Milleniummaster18's picture

And so, the Arkham City guide continues, way to go! I wonder how much John'll get in that swear jar by the end of this guide?

ihacks4snax's picture

When do you plan to have 46-60 uploaded?

Sam Cro's picture

Pretty sure Oracle is Batgirl after Joker paralyzed her.

Lfcdan1's picture

This query is in regards to after the game has finished.

Does anyone know if it is possible to kill every goon in arkham city or do they constantly respawn.

I ask because i would much rather clear the landscape before hunting for the riddler trophies like i did in arkham asylum.

rwilson's picture

Don't dis Robin is cool! 

Adam Page's picture

if you want to make the fight with the guys around the mayor easier, just shoot an electrical charge at the generator to magnet their guns out of their hands

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