Parts 16 - 30 - Batman: Arkham City

To the Museum - Part 16

Destroy the Disruptors - Part 17

Final Disruptor - Part 18

In the Museum - Part 19

Penguin Cutscene - Part 20

Gladiator Pit - Part 21

To the Torture Room - Part 22

Torture Room - Part 23

Armory - Part 24

To the War Room - Part 25

War Room - Part 26

Mr. Freeze Cutscene - Part 27

Stop Penguin - Part 28

Solomon Grundy Cutscene - Part 29

Solomon Grundy Boss Fight - Part 30

AngelOfZest's picture

kinda interesting on when batman is talking to penguin, the caps say " i was only here for fries(think he means freeze) and the hostages," caught that when i was playing 

Dude wheres my life's picture

some days you just cant get rid of a bomb

DBChotshot117's picture

@AngelOfZest Fries is his surname, batman wasn't referring to him as his villain persona. Just like he keeps calling penguin Cobblepot. His name is pronounced the same as freeze, so its a play on words.

AngelOfZest's picture

i didn't say it was a mistake i just thought it was funny 

jbrad6's picture

no angelofzest now your just trying to cover up your mistake

amish12345's picture

when will 29 and so on be uploaded?

AngelOfZest's picture

heh believe what you want 

larrysyss's picture

the no counters on new game plus means the counter warning no longer shows over an enemy that is about to hit you. Not as bad as it sounds thought because its pretty obvious when theyre about to hit you.

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