03 Wolves Among The Dead (Catacombe di Roma) - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

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Quick things I noticed (I have a habit of re-playing AC games way too many times...)

A tip for finding the right path is to follow the torch lights. When you reach a fork, one path will be lit, go that way. This works for me pretty well the entire way through.

Also, the timer stops as soon as you enter the treasure room (you can pause the game, unpause for a few seconds, then pause again to confirm. You're time will not change).

Finally, the "order" of the scrolls really only matters if you're trying to read them. As soon as you complete the first lair, you can access a few of the other lairs. More become available later on, but again, the order doesn't make a difference. As for the Subject 16 "eye" clusters (I think you mentioned them in this video, or maybe it was the Colosseo one) no matter which order you find them in, they will always come up in chronological order. That is, the first one you find will always be cluster 1.

Love the guides, I watch them even for games I don't have (don't ask me why, I don't really know).



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FWIW At 5:50 you mention that you need the Jumping Glove to complete it. You don't. There are hand holds all the way round the cross. 

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