Pisces Nostradamus Enigma Guide - Assassin's Creed Unity wiki

Riddle #1
On the hill of St. Genevieve,

I have a Roman face.

Clarion angels glide to

A peak on my North side.

Riddle #2
Like a halo you seek,

Rings within rings

High atop the edifice,

The city lies below.

Riddle #3
Pillars support my face,

Hold the nation’s dreams.

Square, not round, they,

Sit out of sight.

Riddle #4
My purpose changed,

I watch; high in the nave.

As secular heroes enter,

To replace those of heaven.

Riddle #5
The remains of fame,

Lie amidst stale air.

The most famous of all,

The tomb of Voltaire. 

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