Hidden Fruit Guide - Angry Birds: Rio

Golden Pineapples:

The hidden Pineapples in Angry Birds: Rio can be found in the first world of the game, Smugglers Den.  The Pineapples are usually hidden in crates with labels on them, but also can be out in the open, or behind other objects.  A good way to find out if a level has a Pineapple is to pinch the screen with two fingers to fully zooom out.

For individual levels Click Here

All 15 Pineapples:

Golden Bananas:

These are found in the second world of the game, Jungle Escape, and are trickier than the pineapples.  The can be in boxes, behind bushes, or even behind leaves.

For individual levels Click Here

All 15 Bananas:

Golden Watermelons:

These are found in the third world of the game, Beach Volley.

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big thanks!  i love Angry Birds :D
more guides would be SO awesome

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Nicely done! Like the more energetic attitude in your voice, compared to usually bored John's.

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I discovered a pineapple the other day by accident as it was out of sight from my screen. I agree, make sure you zoom out to see the whole picture.


angrybirds lover

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Ok...I have found all of the hidden fruit...but on the trophy page it still says I missed one of each...but going back through, I have them all...have you ever heard of this happening? Do I have to delete all cookies for the game and start over? help please

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