Drink Along Session 4 - Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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whats more likely to happen tonight? John shitting his pants or John finishing the game?

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This has been one of the most epic drink alongs thus far and I can't wait to see how it concludes. Keep up the awesome work Dan and John!

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Shock the Jawa

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Take a drink every time you say take a drink for never ending drinking

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I'm looking forward to more scares. I don't think they'll finish this Drink Along though.

You guys could have ended the stream an hour earlier if you stayed in the jail cell. Then you get the neutral ending.

1:22:00 - 1:22:45 I'm not going to lie, I jumped while watching that part last night.

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i have an erection with a ten year old dick


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goddamn u guys sream so loud and girly lol great drink along

when dan started singing the song from south park at the begginning i was laughing so hard

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hoping you two recap amnesia on the next davenport. don't have enough free time to watch all these through.

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Dan, Crash Bandicoot has that bird's noise (as least the first has, the others I don't remember)

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Best Drink Along yet.

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Uh....no I dont think so, Duke Nukem or Bulletstorm I would say

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What will these crazy guys do next?!

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John when you get scared, all your awesome gaming skills go right out the window

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