Drink Along Session 3 - Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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can't wait! 

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i hope they scream again that was hella funny last session

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Remember that we're in Summer, so people who are used to thinking in GMT (Portugal, UK, etc) are actually in GMT+1, which means the Drink Along will start at 3:00 AM.

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@Pulse Cloud and the Galgameks must remember that is the 17th earth year of the tri-moon cycle so they are actually on GMT -1

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@Dan: Is there a problem in letting other people know that what they may instantly think due to habit may be wrong?

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Looking forward to this very much. You guys have to do more drink alongs of scary games, its hilarious. 

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You sons of bitches. I've got class in the morning. -_-

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haha thanks for the gmt time. I now feel like a complete moron. On the bright side, you will now have one more viewer on tonights livestream!

And thanks Diksickle, the youtube clock thing just blew my mind. wish i knew about that earlier! oh well...

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to be fairly honest i just click the youtube link and there's a countdown till it starts, i live in the UK and thats what i use tell what time it starts. 

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Dan or John, I still think you should just make and post a countdown clock on this site for things like this.

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If you want something to watch, watch the Inbetweeners season 1-3

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do you to never think that if there is talking then it genrally means your going the right way

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lol john is taking care of all the scared dialogue that the main character daniel would be saying

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Fuck!! I screamed the same time you guys did again!

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