Best of the Drink Along - Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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You guys should really do more Horror games

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what happened to the part where John goes out of the room and Dan hides

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@itsMEorME97 it was the other way, John went to te bathroom and Dan hided... but the dog blew up Dan's cover =b

You should have posted the best of after the drink alongs (there, on the topics on the left (i think they stay there alphabetically))... Just an idea =b

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thanks for the correction pelykulax (wicked name) i wasnt quite certian! i think al edit that post lol

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Considering the amount of Let's Plays I've seen where people are almost in tears or shaking uncontrollably, I'm surprised by the lack of scares you two encountered while playing.

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thanks a bunch Humankillerx. real handy for those of us who don't have the time to watch the many hours of footage that was recorded.

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this drink along was the shit man, the only thing that I didn't like wa John complaining all the time about not wanting to keep playing. Said that, it was one of the best drink alongs

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You should watch SSoHPKC amnesia let's play on youtube. He is not seared at all and usually when he sees a monster SSoHPKC runs at him screaming you owe me money!!! So funny!

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@itsMEorME97 it's originin is even more wicked ._.'

Someone put a list of scary games, those two screaming and getting scared and drunk, all at the same time, is... unique '-'

Keep up with the god job, guys. (my english is going down the pipe º.º)

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I would really like a Bulletstorm best of or DNF but, that's a lot of videos to watch. Nonetheless nice post.

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u guys need more drink alongs

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love it human killer u should post more of these

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you guys should do more Best of the Drink Alongs they are hella funny

PS sorry for calling john a fascist

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Watch out for the gimp

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@Boss Kowbel

I guess it's not that scary when you play with a friend and a Million guys watching ;)

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Best drink along so far, correct me if im wrong I think an extra level was released for the owners of the steam version. You guys should do more drink alongs for horror games. John really should play FEAR 1 and the expansion pack FEAR extraction point, scariest FEAR games.

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Very nice of HumanKillerX to put together a "best of". 

I would also highly recommend watching his Let's Play of Nightmare House 2, or at least the one part that's available, it's pretty great imho

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Good job HumanKiller I found this live stream a little boring with the lack of John screaming like a girl, so getting the best moments really made me laugh.

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