Drink Along w/Dan and John - Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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Looking forward to it :)

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oh shit, this is gonna be awesome!

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Finally :D

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Can't wait.

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Oh nice, that's gonna be 6 a.m. for me. Might work this time.

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Midnight ehh? I'm not sure if this is gonna be too scary for you guys drunk.

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now this drink along would be awesome for a video cam of you guys to see your reactions.

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Midnight my time? Fuck, and here I was hoping to get back on a normal sleep schedule.

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well it starts at 6am for me, so now fucking way am staying up, il watch the pre - recorded version

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Of all the stuff I've watched from these guys, the only time I've heard John freak out was during the Halo drink along, I'm confident this will change tonight.


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Drink every time John pees his paints in fear

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Is super psyched

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God dammit, I tuned in at one A.M. because I thought the post was mountain time :(

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im pretty sure i heard dan wimper around 7:40.

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Good as allways, even without John. It reminded me of good old Zelda walktrought

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Well, this wasn't fun at all. This game is only scary and amazing if you're immersed in it - if you keep drinking every time you see a butterfly or keep looking at the comments or people tell you the god damn solution to the puzzles then you won't be immersed and you won't have fun. And I won't have fun watching.

Believe me: you are wasting Amnesia's whole potential by drinking and especially by making this a live show with live comments from the viewers. This game is about the darkness screwing with your vision, it's about always debating whether you should waste a Tinderbox to light a candle or waste 10 seconds of Oil. But the one thing that really shines and is of the utmost importance to make playing Amnesia an awesomely scary and devastating experience is Immersion, which is mostly achieved by the sounds.

When you're immersed in the Amnesia world you freak out whenever you hear ANYTHING AT ALL and you completely shit yourself when anything happens. If you keep drinking and reading comments (and in the future chatting with John) then you will never immerse yourself and you will never fully experience the awesomeness that is Amnesia.


Don't do this live and don't think you look cool by being tough and not giving a fuck about the wall exploding in your face. Let those alpha-male status preservation thoughts aside and descend into the darkness.

Become Daniel. Shit your pants. You won't regret it.

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I have watched only five minutes of this and I'm already laughing my ass off at Dan.

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Hahaha, oh my fuck! Dan alone is the funniest. "I've never been in charge." "Firebolt 2000! AWAY!"

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@Pulse Cloud this game isn't even scary, at least this makes it watchable.

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@Pulse Cloud, I would never play this game cause it's not my type of gaming experience, at least with this drink along I can see the work of the developers and maybe I'll pick this up and try it myself.

Dan is funny when he's by himself. He doesn't get mad every second cause John is looking at a stain in the wall that looks like a Whopper or some shit like that. And John being too drunk or too depressed to show up to a job where he has to get drunk and play videogames was funny as hell.


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@MarioDragon If you don't let yourself be immersed then no game is scary. Dead Space and Fear aren't scary at all - they just have things that pop in your face when you're not expecting and you jump and that's it.

If you truly let yourself go in this game, it will be permanently terrifying - but only if you allow it to be.

Alas, I think it depends on if you can handle or not being exposed like you need to be to truly enjoy Amnesia in its plenitude.

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Spooky Spider... HOLY SHIT what was that!!!!!!

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i cant wait to hear the story about were john was

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I have to agree with Pulse Cloud. You have to play the game the way it was meant to be played to truly enjoy it. If they aren't enjoying the game they're playing, we aren't going to enjoy watching it. That's what ruined their Crysis 2 Drink-Along.

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It's entertainment nonetheless...People don't tell you how you are supposed to enjoy a pizza or how you read a book.  Keep this up Dan, even if John can't come :(

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cant wait to hear jhons excuse for not being here

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Hey, if you wanna enjoy the game by "being immersed" in it then go right ahead,  and let the rest of us enjoy watching these 2 (or 1) get wasted playing it.

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@Pulse it doesn't matter what way you put it, I played it with fancy turtle beaches at night on highest graphics and everything, alone. Not scary, the really old LSD game is 10x scarier than any released today, besides Fatal Frame of course.

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>fancy turtle beaches


With that aside, let me tell you that I completely believe you: different people like different games, and it's perfectly normal that you didn't enjoy Amnesia as much as I did.

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hahahaha thats the perfect pic 

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damn, its too bad i missed the live feed to this...

it would of been fun to drink along to you crapping your pants and leaving comments :)

and now that i read what i just wrote it doesn't sound quite right :p

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