Playthrough - Aliens: Colonial Marines

Part 1 - Distress


Part 2 - Battle for Sulaco


Part 3 - Sulaco Falls


Part 4 - No Hope in Hadley's


Part 5 - The Raven


Part 6 - For Bella


Part 7 - One Bullet


Part 8 - Rampart


Part 9 - Hope in Hadley's


Part 10 - Derelict Reclaimed


Part 11 - Home

Joe Harris's picture

This game looks horrific.

BrutalZealot's picture

was really pulling this game would be decent. but looks like they just skinned duke nukum and used the aliens name to sell copies. hope to see a premature evaluation of this soon, or some indie games.

ExplicitDQ's picture

Whew, who is looking forward to the next God of War game and Heart of the Swarm. Yeah fuck this game. At least I have Dead Space 3. John is always right about this matters. Back to the Dead Space along.

Scumbagb3n's picture

I hope it's at least worth a rent.

christothefirst's picture

The Alien franchise is definitely not what it used to be...

Nightroado's picture

Can't expect it to be the "FPS of the Month" but I think it isn't that bad.

How bad the game is reminded me of how cheesy some of the stuff in Aliens is which was nostalgic and fun.

seekerdude's picture

a wasted opportunity

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