Alien Breed: Evolution

Alien Breed Evolution is a top-down isometric shooter set onboard futuristic space craft. In each level, the main character, Conrad, is set a series of tasks, such as collecting key cards, restoring power or escorting innocents, which he must complete before finding that level's exit. Standing in his way are several different types of aliens who will attack him, usually en masse. He can also suffer damage from explosions, fires, electrical disturbances and enemy turrets. Conrad can run and shoot in all directions, and can collect a number of different guns, grenades, gun turrets and health packs. To help navigate the levels and discover hidden secrets, the camera angle can be rotated manually in 45 degree increments.
The game has five single player levels and three multiplayer levels.

Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Original US Release Date: 
December 16, 2009

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