17 - Goddamn Boss - Afterfall: InSanity

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Are you sure this is on normal setting, it looks like easy setting to me. I am on this boss right now on normal setting and there are many more additional enemies to the very few you seem to get (after the cut scene when you damage him) I am getting between 3 and 5 additional enemies joining the fray at a time and whenever I kill them more come.

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Good fight. He gets the boss down in the end.  He doesn't notice the box of endless bullets on the wall until the very end though.  Might have been an easier fight for him.  Well done. 

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@ sizzler27: As this reply is nearly a year late, you will probably never see this, and much less care. However, I think the thing here is that I played the first version of the game. Extended edition was released a while later and has several changes. I don't know what it did with the difficulty or enemies, and I cannot say for 100% sure I played on normal, but as I wrote it on youtube description I have no reason to dubt that. I do remember to play on hard at first, but lowering it as it felt broken. Had huge issues on one of the first fights. Never touched the extended version. Really didn't feel any urge to play the shit one more time.

@tererize: Hm, yeah. The more helpful the thing is, the less likely I am to notice it.

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