Power Node, Schematic and Semiconductor Locations – Dead Space 2

Chapter 1

  • Node – After the security lockdown, it’s behind the reception desk
  • Node – In the back of the morgue (the room with 6 tables with bodies on them)
  • Node – By the balloons, immediately after the elevator ride
  • Node – To the right of the save point, by the first store
  • Node – In the first zero air section, it’s floating out in space. Use TK to grab it
  • Semiconductor – The first boss drops it when he dies
  • Schematic – Power Node – Power Node-locked door in last room of chapter, right past save station.
  • Semiconductor – Either gold or ruby next to powernode schematic.  Save before entering in case you get gold (diff. of 7,000 credits).

Chapter 2

  • Node – Right after you open the door at the beginning of the chapter, check the floor on the left.
  • Semiconductor (gold) – To the left of the blocked off moving walkway, use TK
  • Schematic – Stasis Pack – On the empty tram track, behind “Nicole”.  Use TK.

Chapter 3

  • Node – In the large room at the start of the chapter, hidden behind a crate
  • Node – After the save point, go take your first left
  • Semiconductor (gold) – On the lower floor of the lobby where you get the Lightspeed de Milo achievement. Use TK, I had to break out the glass on the railing to grab this.
  • Node – As soon as you go Zero-G in the trash compactor, turn left and there’s a door that leads to a node
  • Semiconductor (bronze)- right before you go into the elevator theres a node door also has a hefty amount of credits inside.
  • Node – Impossible to miss. At the top of the elevator to the left as soon as you get off.
  • Schematic (Javelin Spears) – After an elevator ride and a save point, you will get ambushed by a bunch of enemies. It’s in the corner at the top of the short stairs.

Chapter 4

  • Node – As soon as the chapter starts, go left through the door, past the save/store/bench room and it’s in the room at the top of the stairs.
  • Schematic (Security Suit) – After using stasis on the malfunctioning door, it’s in the room after the save point on a high shelf.
  • Node – After almost stabbing yourself in the eye with a syringe, it’s immediately in front of you.
  • Node – After killing the Stalkers, take the elevator up and turn left.

Chapter 5

  • Semiconductor (gold) – In the Zero-G area that starts with the statis puzzle, between the 3 tubes with robotic arms.
  • Node- In the Zero-G room after you go down the elevator it is on the counter next to hacking switch.
  • Schematic (Ripper) In the same room on the wall to the left if your facing the hacking panel.
  • Schematic (Medium Med Pack) at the very top of the zero g room when you float through the tunnel it is floating in the middle of the room.
  • Schematic (Line Racks) – After falling out of the vent you have to crawl through, in the second room straight ahead and to the left on the bottom of a shelf.
  • Schematic (Detonator) – In the room with the save station, just before the cutscene with Daina
  • Node – In the room with the save station, just before the cutscene with Daina

Chapter 6

  • Node – At the start of the chapter in the room with a hole blown open as the enterance, on the dresser.
  • Schematic – Seeker Rifle – Out the door to the right of the first save station.  On the ground to the right.
  • Node – As you enter the fire room, turn around and float up to the second floor. It’s in a dark corner in the room directly above the entrance to the fire room.
  • Node- After putting the fires out take the elevator up and to the right is the node in a blue box.
  • Schematic- Pulse Rounds- After you meet Ellie turn right and continue to the right until you find the schematic.
  • Node- After taking an elevator ride you come to a hallway with shops on the right and a moving walkway on the left. Kill every enemy in the area and go to the store “Kids Fashion” a necromorph has busted the door down and you can now grab the node.
  • Schematic- Flamethrower- After the gym battle continue onward through the day care and go through the door behind the reception desk. Go to the back right of the room and pick it up.
  • Node – When you walk into the kids playground area where you have a hallucination (the last room of the kids area), there is a node in the blue spaceship ride.
  • Schematic – Vintage Suit (Available on Save +) – In the transport hub area, there is a window display with a suit in it, the schematic is next to it on the ground.

Chapter 7

  • Schematic- Ripper Blades- At the bottom of the Zero G chamber next to the elevator.
  • Node- Below the elevator in a hole in the Zero G chamber.
  • Schematic- Force Gun- As soon as you get off the elevator it is in one of the yellow lockers.
  • Node- Once you arrive at the hologram turn left to the store and to the left of the store is the node.
  • Node – After using the body to gain access to the door take the first left. Continue until you reach a blue box on the right hand side of the wall. There is the node.
  • Node – After using TK to drop the bridge, down the hall to the left in a locker
  • Peng Treasure, 2x Nodes, Ruby Semiconductor – In the Peng Treasure Room (in the area with the Tetris shaped puzzle pieces).
  • Schematic – Behind a Node door to the left of the next save point.

Chapter 8

  • Node – As soon as the chapter starts, go through the door on the left, and it’s in a blue box on the right.
  • 2x Nodes, Ruby Semiconductor, Vintage Suit Schematic – Behind the next node door
  • Node – In the room where you have your next dementia attack, in a blue box on the wall.
  • Ruby Semiconductor – When you start to walk on some metal catwalks, face the door you just walked out of and to the left is a semiconductor you can grab with TK.
  • Schematic (Detonator Mines) – In the room with the workbench
  • Node – Impossible to miss. On the wall immediately after the zero-g section
  • Schematic (Large Med Pack) – To the left after you meet Ellie and Stross

Chapter 9

  • Node, Ruby Semiconductor – After a short indoor elevator ride, the node is in a blue box on the right side as you leave the elevator. The Semiconductor is at the bottom of the pit in the center of the room.
  • Schematic (Flame Fuel) – Disarm the 2 laser traps, then use TK to move the boxes on the right.
  • Schematic (Security Elite Suit, available on save+) – After the rendezvous with Ellie and Stross, exit the tram, and over the side of the railing on the right on the ground is the schematic.
  • Node – In the first room after the tram, directly to the left in a blue box on the wall.
  • Schematic (Seeker Shells) – In the first room after the tram, there is a guardian at the end.  After you kill him you can squeeze past him to the left to reveal a secret nook with the schematic and some other goods.

Chapter 10

  • Node – After entering the Ishimura, in the room with the Save point, there’s a door on the left thats blocked off by some boxes. Use TK to move the boxes, and follow the hall to the bathrooms. It’s in a blue box on the wall in the bathroom.
  • Semiconductor (Diamond) – Dropped by the second brute you kill in the long hallway
  • Node – At the very end of the long hallway in a blue box on the wall
  • Node – After the decontamination room psyche out, go left down the long hallway (the opposite of the objective) and it’s in a blue box on the wall
  • Schematic (Force Energy) – On the lower floor in the zero-g puzzle room
  • Node – After a short tram ride and going into the medical facility, it’s in a blue box on the right wall (same place as in in DS1)
  • Node – Very tough to miss. After hacking the door, you will have another dementia attack and it’s directly in front of you in a blue box
  • Node – After a short lift ride down, there’s a room before you go past the electrical storm with a node in a blue box
  • Semiconductor (Ruby) – After shutting down the electrical storm, look in the hole in the wall where the electricity was and use TK to grab it
  • Node – In the Zero G section, behind the first pile of trash.

Chapter 11

  • Node – After going down the ramp, look across the gap, and destroy the green box on the wall with TK. Inside is the node
  • Node – Continue along the main path and it’s in a blue box on the wall
  • Semiconductor (Diamond) – After completing the power block puzzle, walk through the frozen hallway and turn around, it’s on top of one of the arches . This is right before the eye-shish-kabob cutscene.
  • Schematic (Contact Energy) – After being ripped out into space by the tentacle, floating in space to the right of the tunnel blocked by the two lasers.
  • Node – While on the elevated catwalks, look to the left, it’s on some mesh netting. Use TK to grab it
  • Schematic (Advanced Suit) – After exiting the catwalk, it’s behind a node door
  • Node – Before going down the elevator, there are a few obvious health packs across the cavern. Hidden behind a dead body is the power node.
  • Schematic (Advanced Elite Suit) – On behind the elevator after the ride has finished

Chapter 12

  • Semiconductor (Diamond) – After putting the power block into the drill, walk up half the ramp and turn to your left, it’s immediately in front of you
  • Node – After crossing the gap in the tram, walk over to pick up the circuit board and look down and to the left.  It’s on the ground a level below where you’re standing, on the side of the drill truck that you can’t reach.

Chapter 13

  • Node – Keep walking down the hall, and it’s in a blue box on the wall. If you go through a door, keep exploring the hallway
  • Node – Before hacking the door to move on, explore the hallway opposite the side you entered to find a node in a blue box
  • Node – In the bathroom after you run from the cops
  • Semiconductor (Ruby) – In a node room right by a workbench
  • Node – In a blue box in the raptor room
  • Node – In the first side room in the spinning laser puzzle, in a blue box on the wall

Chapter 14

  • Node – After escaping the first room with the Regenerator, turn right and the node is in a blue box on the wall
  • Node – It’s in the room with the first enemy you encounter after the Regenerator. The node is in a blue box on the wall.
  • Node – After using the dead body to open the door, keep going straight along the glass instead of turning in. The node is in a blue box on the wall
  • Semiconductor (Diamond) – In the room on the where the infestor’s are turning bodies.  Once you go in the door, it’s to the right on the counter.  Be quick because the regenerator is on your tail.
  • 2x Node – Behind the node door
  • Node – Immediately after the node door, it’s in blue box on the wall
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