Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – All 10 Secret Level Exit Locations

There are 10 secret level exits in Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, here’s how to find them all! Recorded on the Wii U 2014 edition.

0:00 World 1-2 to World 1-A
0:45 World 1-3 to World 1-B
1:05 World 2-4 to World 2-A
1:29 World 3-5 to World 3-B
2:00 World 3-5 to World 3-A
2:30 World 4-1 to World 4-A
3:20 World 4-A to World 4-B
4:09 World 5-3 to World 5-A
4:32 World 5-4 to World 5-B
4:59 World 6-7 to World 6-A

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