Q.U.B.E. 2 Walkthrough

Full walkthrough for Q.U.B.E. 2!

Chapter 1 Forgotten Roots

Chapter 1 consists of 6 puzzles. Simply learning the basics of extracting orange QUBEs and placing blue bouncy QUBEs

Chapter 2 The Ropes

Literally learning the ropes. Chapter 2 starts to teach you how to interact with wall panels.

Chapter 3 House of Leaves

Chapter 3 introduces a new QUBE: the green extraction QUBE. Green QUBEs can be manipulated by pushing them with orange pillars, bouncing off of blue QUBEs, and more…

Chapter 4 Lost in Transmission

Chapter 4 does not add any new powers, but begins to test your skills with blue, orange and green QUBEs

Chapter 5 Tangled (The Machine Part 1)

Chapter 5 is when QUBE2 begins to open up a bit by introducing The Machine. The Machine consists of three central generators. Each generator is controlled by 4 terminals. And each terminal is controlled by a series of puzzles

Chapter 6 Fragile Dreams

Coming soon…

Chapter 7 The Edge

Ditto chapter 6…

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