Dark Souls 3 – NG+ Checklist

Pre NG+ Checklist!

1) Make sure you killed every boss! 39 items should be available to be transposed
2) Easy late game soul farming @ 9:24
3) Buy every finite item you can. Armors, Embers, rings, spells, miracles, etc. Also buy utility items like bolts, throwing knives, etc.
►Ashes locations http://darksouls3.wiki.fextralife.com/Ashes
4) Find all Titanite Slabs http://darksouls3.wiki.fextralife.com/Titanite+Slab
5) Upgrade weapons you may want to use for NG+
6) Respec your points if you want to try a new build for NG+,
7) Trade with the crows http://darksouls3.wiki.fextralife.com/Pickle+Pee,+Pump-a-Rum+Crow
8) Kill NPCs – Shrine Handmaiden LAST! Eygon of Carim, Giant in the tower in Undead Settlement, all merchants, etc.


►You will lose key items, all your keys, coals, ashes, tomes, etc
►Don’t stress about unfound Estus Flask Shard and Undead Bone Shards. The max is 15 and +10, and you can get to that level on one playthrough, BUT they will all reappear in NG+
►Don’t stress about unfound rings if you are going for the Master of Rings achievement. There will be lots of +1 rings in NG+, and +2 rings in NG+2, but all of the rings from previous playthroughs are available, so you cannot miss anything that you didn’t find on your first playthrough by going to the next playthrough.
►Covenant ranks carry over to NG+. So if you turned in 10 tongues in NG, then turned in 20 more in NG+, you will hit the max rank

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