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Rune Name Rune Location
Vine Rune   Promenade of the Condemned
Teleportation Rune   Toxic Sewers
Challenger Rune   The Black Bridge
Belier’s Rune   Ossuary
The Spider’s Rune   Slumbering Sanctuary

Vine Rune

Where to find: Promenade of the Condemned

Ability: Creates a vine from green growths on the ground, allowing you to access up high areas

Unlocked Zones: Toxic Sewers

Teleportation Rune

Where to find: Toxic Sewers

Ability: Allows you to teleport between the purple coffins

Unlocks: Ossuary, Forgotten Sewers

Challenger Rune

Where to find: The Black Bridge, defeat The Incomplete One

Ability: Opens daily run challenges!

Unlocks: Opens daily run challenges!

Belier’s Rune

Where to find: Ossuary, in this room

Ability: Breaks through the ground at specially marked runes

Unlocks: Old Sewers

The Spider’s Rune

Where to find: Slumbering Sanctuary

Ability: Wall climb!


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