Mastermind Build – South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Build tips and tricks for getting through Mastermind difficulty.

Starting Class

Speedster. The Double Edge skill is fantastic and lets you deal a ton of damage at the start of every fight

End Game Build

Double Edge, Shadow Swap and Quick Cut with Full-Force Fisting
Choose artifacts to maximize brawn and critical strike damage, regardless of loss of health
Combining Double Edge and Shadow Swap (for the final move) lets the New Kid stay invisible for an incredibly long period of time.
Most bosses are immune to knockback, gross out, and burning, so Quick Cut’s bleed makes it an excellent all around skill. Quick Cut also has zero cooldown, so can be used multiple times per turn with Double edge.

Recommended Teammates

Tupperware. His Tupper Turret deals a ton of damage and draws aggo from enemies. The Hot Swap ability is also excellent for protecting your glass cannons.
Callgirl. Her Phone Destroyer ability has HUGE range, and the defense debuff is very effective against bosses. She can act as a healer with items and keep her range from combat.
3rd person – your choice. Mysterion is a good damage dealer. Professor Chaos and his Minion Summon is very effective as well as a distraction.

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