12 Tips & Tricks – South Park: The Fractured But Whole


  1. Choosing a Starting Class
    At the beginning of Fractured But Whole, you choose 1 of 3 classes for the new kid. Don’t stress over which class is best, because you can change class at any time. Eventually get multiple classes and can mix and match skills from each
  2. Punch Punch Punch
    Punch every mailbox every time, the scrap will be very helpful for crafting and the mailboxes, parking meters and things like that reset frequently
  3. Don’t sell scrap!
    Craft an artifact and sell that. Buy glue or duct tape or whatever you need and craft items, the total sale value is much higher when crafting an item then selling vs selling individual parts. The Coon’s store has all items you need to craft
  4. Game Structure
    4 days 3 nights. As you transition to nighttime, you will be given a prompt to change out of your costume. If you say yes, you will be
    Nighttime missions
    you will then be given a second opportunity to change out of your costume when you return to your house
  5. CANNOT miss collectibles!
    Unlike The Stick of Truth, there are NO collectibles you can miss throughout the entire game. The only fairly useless item I found that can be missed is in in the Freedom Pals base, move the cardboard car for a Timmy themed artifact
  6. Unlocking skills timetable
    Diabetic rage for moving big objects – end of day 1
    Pinwheel – fartcore – early mission on day 2
    pause time fart – mid mission day 2
    Lava during night 2
    Pipes during night 2
    Haywire – early day 3 quest
  7. Star on map icons
    Simply means you have not visited the vendor and they have new items
  8. Attack pattern grid
    Icons under the move show their attack pattern
  9. PC Pooping
    Doing the toilet challenges with a keyboard is very difficult because the animations are very unclear
  10. Snappers and Farts
    flame with snappers then fart for explosions for many puzzles
  11. Late game selfies
    Some characters like mr mackey unlock selfie options later in the game
  12. No achievement for EVERY selfie.
    You can get the “master” level selfie taker bonus without getting EVERY selfie
    One special late game artifact that scales bonus damage with how many followers you have on Coonstagram
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