All 6 Cat Locations – Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Cats – South Park: The Fractured But Whole Walkthrough

Big Gay Al’s cats have gone missing. Rescue them before the 6ths graders find them!

Scavenger Hunt: Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Cats
Find and Return All of Big Gay Al’s Cats (requires TimeFart Pause)

Catching cats requires TimeFart Pause superpower, which is acquired mid day 2.

Many of these cats are hiding up in trees. If there is no tree branch or cat where you expect one to be, use TimeFart Rewind to put the branch and cat back in place.

  1. Left of The Playground, south of The Bijou Theater
  2. Right side of South Park Mall
  3. Left of the Church. Reverse time if there’s no cat on the branch.
  4. SoDoSoPa, Fartkour up twice to the rooftops. On the way to the Divine Wind achievement
  5. North of Hillvale Farm (memberberry farms)
  6. Bebe’s House, in front

Cat #1 – south of The Bijou Theater

Cat #2 – South Park Mall

Cat #3 – Church

Cat #4 – SoDoSoPa

Cat #5 – North of Hillvale Farm

Cat #6 – Bebe’s House

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