All 19 Bosses of Cuphead!

Gameplay of every boss fight in Cuphead! I hesitated making this video because it will dramatically undersell how long it takes to complete Cuphead after editing out all the deaths, overworld exploring and run-n-gun levels. It took me about 8 hours to complete my first playthrough.The monkey matching boss of King Dice has glitched a few times for me. Usually you need to match every card to do enough damage, but sometimes he dies after the first match.

The Root Pack in “Botanic Panic!” 0:00
Goopy Le Grande in “Ruse of an Ooze” 1:22
Hilda Berg in “Threatenin’ Zeppelin” 2:18
Cagney Carnation in “Floral Fury” 4:16
Ribby and Croaks in “Clip Joint Calamity” 5:49
Baroness Von Bon Bon in “Sugarland Shimmy” 7:49
Beppi The Clown in “Carnival Kerfuffle” 9:37
Djimi The Great in “Pyramid Peril” 11:15
Grim Matchstick in “Fiery Frolic” 13:15
Wally Warbles in “Aviary Action” 14:34
Rumor Honeybottoms in “Honeycomb Herald” 16:53
Captain Brineybeard in “Shootin N’ Lootin” 18:08
Sally Stageplay in “Dramatic Fanatic” 19:16
Werner Werman in “Murine Corps” 20:48
Dr. Kahl’s Robot in “Junkyard Jive!” 22:14
Cala Maria in “High Seas Hi-Jinx!” 23:56
Phantom Express in “Railroad Wrath” 26:21
King Dice in “All Bets Are Off!” 28:30
The Devil! 32:51

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