Destiny 2 – Leviathan Raid Strategy & Walkthrough

Part 0 – Central Hub & Standard Bearers

►Split into two teams of 3: home and away
►The away team moves around the arena killing standard bearers. After a standard bearer has been killed, 1 person must retrieve the relic and return it to the starting plate
►The home team stays put and defends their plate from the onslaught of enemies trying to recover the relic
►If a relic is stolen by the cabal from the home team, the away team simply has to kill another standard bearer and get it back
►After all 3 relics have been place, the door to the next area will be opened

Part 1 – Baths

Coming soon…

Part 2 – Pleasure Gardens

►The objective is to kill all 6 dogs, but the dogs have an enormous amount of health. Assign each team member a dog to focus on damaging by themselves.
►Divide into two groups (Scout Group A of two and Stealth Group B of four), and clear all enemies until the two crystals spawn on top of the safe room
►Scout Group A is two players who carry the crystals and act as scouts
►Stealth Group B is 4 players who carry the spores and stealthily move through the dogs
►To increase your damage multiplier, every member of Group B should grab a spore, then stealthily move to a glowing purple flower, guided by a scout from Group A. When all 4 members are close enough to the glowing purple flower, the scout carrying the crystal must stand in the glowing sunlight spot and shoot the glowing flower. The flower will explode and release its pollen, adding 12x spores (damage multiplier) to anybody on ground level
►The goal should now be to get your damage multiplier as high as possible without getting spotted. Anything about a 36x multiplier is a good run, if you get less on your first attempt, I would recommend team wiping and restarting.
►If you can get up to a 60x multiplier on the first run, you can definitely kill all 6 dogs on the first attempt.
Glowing purple flowers spawn in sets of two, one of the left half and one on the right, forcing Stealth Group B to move from side to side
►When someone gets spotted, each team member starts shooting their dog, BUT NOT KILLING THE DOG on the first wave. Killing any dog will cause the dogs to become restless more quickly on subsequent attempts. If someone accidentally kills a dog on the first wave, it’s not the end of the world, in fact moving around stealthily will be easier for the next wave with less dogs
►You have four attempts to kill all 6 dogs because the safe room will protect you from the dog’s howls three times (between each attempt)


Left Side
►Ta’aurc – Back middle
►M’orn – Front left
►B’ael – Back left
Right Side
►Aru’un – Front right
►Tho’ourg – Mid Right
►Va’ase – Back Right

Purple blobs are locations where the flowers can glow
Purple blogs with an orange circle are where the dogs will run after they have been alerted
Red lines are the patrol paths the dogs follow

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