Destiny 2 – Farm Secrets – Scouting Commander Super Jump and Scannable Object Locations

If you’re glowing blue and have no idea why, you touched another player who already completed the Scouting Commander challenge!
The Farm in Destiny 2 has a few hidden challenges and secrets, including extra scannable objects for some bonus lore and a series of platforming tasks to complete to earn the Scouting Commander buff, which increases movement speed and jump height.

►Scouting Commander Buff Steps

1) Wheel Completed & Sentry Rank x2
Walk along the top of the waterwheel and against flow like a treadmill for about 5 seconds. This first set of buffs gives small movement speed and jump boosts
2) Vertigo Completed & Sentry Rank x4
Follow the hanging cables across two sets of buildings. If you fall, you do not lose any progress
3) Scouting Patrol
Near the docks is a firepit that you can now activate. Once activated, follow the beams of light around the farm. When you hit them all, you will get he Scouting Commander buff!

The Commander’s Blessing buff is earned when someone without the Scouting Patrol buff touches another player who has earned the final buff. The Commander’s Blessing buff is not as powerful as the Scouting Patrol buff.

►Scannable Objects

1) Top of the rocks overlooking the water, pile of blue and white sand bags
2) High rock wall near the dock, climb up a few times to find another set of sandbags
3) Follow the high rock wall away from the water, along the ground will be a sleeping bag
4) Roof of the barn

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