How To Beat The Icicle Golem Boss – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Walkthrough

Tips and tricks to defeat the Icicle Golem on your first playthrough of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom battle:
►Bring Rabbid Peach as your 3rd character (you are forced to use Peach and Mario on your first playthrough). Her range with the RC car, healing ability and defensive ability are extremely helpful.
►To force selecting Rabbid Peach as your third, select Luigi and Rabbid Peach as your companions before entering the boss fight. You may need to restart the chapter to make this happen, which will not result in any lost progress
►Rabbid Peach’s RC car and Peach’s grenade can both damage the 1st stage of the boss when his shield would otherwise block a weapon attack
►Mario’s and Peach’s overwatch (movement triggered attack) both damage the 1st stage of the Icicle Golem when he moves, even if his shield would have otherwise blocked a weapon attack
►Make your way towards the far side of the arena during the second stage of the boss fight to make killing the third and final stage of the boss much easier. There is so much cover that can be destroyed along the sides and so much ground to cover, it can be difficult to get within attacking range of the third stage and remain in cover the entire time
►Focus on the ADS first during any stage of the fight. New ADS will spawn after every stage of the Icicle Golem

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