Sundered – All Upgraded Skills + Destroyed Shard Bonuses

Sundered does next to nothing to explain the difference between upgrading skills and destroying the shards. In this vid, I show what all the skills look like after corrupting/upgrading, and what the alternative passive perks are.

Corrupted Skills / Upgraded
►Shield — Damage Enemies Shield
►Cannon — Laser Cannon
►Double Jump to a Glide
►Charge attack — double charge attack
►Wall Run from bottom — wall run at any point
►Air Dash — directional Teleport
►Grappling Hook — grappling hook with extra dash

Resist / Destroyed Shards
►Rolling on the ground damages enemies
►Melee critical hits extend further and deal extra damage
►Combo attacks deal extra damage
►Downward air attack deals extra damage
►Extra (4th) perk slot
►Triple Jump
►Drastically increase the cannon’s damage

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