Trial of the Sword Gameplay! New Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Pack 1 Released

The first DLC pack for Zelda: BotW has added a new Trial of the Sword mode. Go to the Deku tree after getting the master sword, and you can jump into this new challenge that removes all of your previous armor, weapons, food and other items. This video is my first playthrough of the Trials of the Sword.


Tips for the Trial of the Sword:
►Start the trials buffed and overhealed. Whatever status effects you have going into the trials, you keep when the trials start
►Complete all 120 shrines! You lose your armor and weapons, but you keep your total hearts and stamina upgrades
►Find those korok seeds! Having extra weapon inventory slots can be very helpful throughout the trials
►Know how to cook. There are intermission stages with a cooking station, and you success could depend on your ability to effectively use ingredients to maximize healing
►►Cooking Fairy + meat = high healing
►►Cooking a truffle or radish by itself = overhealing!

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