New Look and Updated Site!

It has been a long time coming, but I have completely rebuilt from the ground up!

New Features

  • Significantly faster page load speeds
  • Mobile friendly, responsive theme (soooo 2012 right?)
  • Easier to create an organize new pages and guides
  • Every page can be edited by any user, wikipedia style!

My Goal: Get The Most Out Of Your Games

From the beginning, back when this site was called NextGenWalkthroughs (old design, even older design, ancient design), I was creating comprehensive end to end video walkthroughs for the most challenging games. My style has evolved a lot over the years, but my goal has not changed: to help you get the most out of your games, whether it is helping you through a difficult boss, helping you find hidden collectibles or teaching you about hidden in game features.

I want WGG to be the GO TO place when you’re looking for help with a game. But what has taken me a long time to admit is that I cannot create content for every popular game that gets released. Going forward, I will cover less games, but each featured game will have much more in depth coverage. WGG will not be a comprehensive gaming database for every game in existence like IGN or GiantBomb, but WGG will feature the best and most comprehensive content for the games we do cover. And not just content I create myself. Other creators and YouTubers create content that I could not possibly do (like speedruns). This new site allows me to much more easily feature videos from other creators across the internet at large, and allow other creators to share their best stuff if they wish to do so.


Wiki And Authored Features

Every page, including this one you are reading right now, can be edited and contributed to by any logged in user. But similar to the old site, each page also has an “Authored” section. The Authored section can only be edited by the creator of the post and site editors. This format allows guide makers to organize their walkthroughs the way they want and have a consistent voice throughout their content, in addition to allowing for fast group collaboration. It has always been my belief that this combination of Wiki and Authored pages results in the most comprehensive and accurate guides possible.

Continually Updating The Site

Another huge benefit of this upgrade is the speed at which I can add new features. I am using WordPress to power this website, which is highly customizable and has thousands of amazing (and free) plugins. I decided to make this site live today with only the bare minimum features functioning because, as with any large project, I am anticipating many issues to come up that I did not expect. I am planning on adding many more advanced features over time like social logins, forums, user points, etc., but first I need to make sure the base framework is function correctly.

Missing Some Old Content

The previous version of WikiGameGuides is still accessible (all 20,000+ pages!), and I will continue to transfer old reviews and walkthroughs throughout the summer.

Next Guide: The Surge

Going forward, I will be testing the limits of this new framework for guide creation with The Surge, a sci-fi Dark Souls style action combat game from the creators of Lords of the Fallen. Website development and content creation are both continually evolving processes, but now that I am back to working on WGG full time, I hope you will see the fruits of my labor and continued improvements to this site and my content!

Feedback Please!

I have been working on this update for many months now, and I really want your feedback on the new site! Please let me know what you like and hate about this new design on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments here.




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3 thoughts on “New Look and Updated Site!

  • May 16, 2017 at 8:28 am

    Looks great! But will you re-upload the old 2 Chimps on a Davenport episodes that had not been available on the old site anymore?

  • May 16, 2017 at 9:48 am

    The site is pretty good. Much nicer than the last version (even though you haven’t finished this yet). Having the old Chimps episodes would be cool. All in all, I look forward to seeing where the site goes.

  • May 16, 2017 at 11:12 am

    I’m still trying to dig up the old episodes… I hope they have not been lost to time. I have a few more HDDs to hook up and check

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