Intel Locations – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Black Tuesday (5 Intel)

  1. After entering the first building and walking up some stairs, you will walk past a helicopter that has crashed into the building. The Intel is in the second bedroom on the right.
  2. After walking past a semi-opened bank vault door, you will walk down some stairs. The intel is directly under the top of the stairs.
  3. As you enter the NYSE building, the intel is along the left wall, by the ammo crates.
  4. On the NYSE floor (the large room with TONS of TVs and computer monitors), the intel is located on the kiosk closest to the back stairs.
  5. Before you destroy the jammer, the intel is on a table before the final set of short stairs.

Hunter Killer (2 Intel)

  1. Shortly after you enter the submarine, you will be in a room with a few bunk beds. This intel is in the back corner on the last bunk bed.
  2. In the room filled with enemies that all have laser pointers on their guns, go up the metal stairs, turn around and follow the scaffolding to above where you entered the room originally.

Persona Non Grata (4 Intel)

  1. After exiting the building at the start of the level, the intel is in a small room on the right side of the courtyard.
  2. After entering the streets, there’s a house on the right of the street you can enter. The intel is on the second floor in a bedroom.
  3. This intel is in the weapon cache where you take control of the UGV, behind Price.
  4. After using the UGV, run outside, and the intel is the on the top of the slide.

Turbulence (2 Intel)

  1. After walking down the first set of stairs, keep going straight, and the intel is on the right.
  2. After the plane crash, you will be dazed for a bit, then run outside past some survivors. There’s a large tree in your path that you have to jump over, and the intel is to the right immediately after you jump over.

Back on the Grid (3 Intel)

  1. After covering Price and Soap from the sniper tower, jump out and run straight up the street. The intel is in the house.
  2. From the previous intel, continue down the street. Stay on the lower level, and the intel is in a house on the left side of the street.
  3. After using the mortar, you will eventually fight your way through a market and into a church. The intel is straight ahead when you walk through the front door.

Mind the Gap (3 Intel)

  1. Early on, 2 bends down the street, the intel is in a building on the left. This is before the first set of stairs you walk up.
  2. Before opening the doors to the truck, look directly above the truck and you will see a walkway leading to a well lit room. To the right of the truck is the base of the stairs to the walkway. Follow the walkway and in that room is the intel.
  3. After running up the first set of escalators and avoiding the rolling grenades, look behind the counter of the kiosk on the right wall.

Goalpost (3 Intel)

  1. After getting off the beach, make your way to the right, and you will see a crashed plane. In the nose of the plane is the first intel.
  2. After you make your way to the top of the street, keep running forward, and underneath a tall white building across the street is the second intel.
  3. After your tank crashes through the garage, you will make your way down another long street. When you’re forced to go back into a new building, look in the cubicles on the right for the third intel. This is immediately before the breaching section.

Return to Sender (3 Intel)

  1. After leaving the docs area, stay on the main road and keep going straight into the blue building ahead. On the second floor is the first intel.
  2. The second intel is in the room where you breach the door and capture the HVT.
  3. After the countdown clock has started, follow the road, and the final intel is in a small hut on the right.

Bag and Drag (4 Intel)

  1. On the top floor of the bookstore, on a windowsill.
  2. After running through the bookstore then through the kitchen with the ammo crate, you will come to a courtyard. In the back of the second store across the courtyard is the intel.
  3. The intel is in the room where you get flashbanged and the HVT runs away.
  4. As you chase Volk, you will climb up a ladder and run up a few short sets of stairs. The intel is immediately before you run out the final door to the outside to chase Volk in his car.

Iron Lady (2 Intel)

  1. After sniping out the mounted gun, jump down and head left through the glass building for this intel.
  2. After using the AC-130 for the second time, destroy the tank in front of you, then look in the back of the bus on the left of the bridge.

Eye of the Storm (2 Intel)

  1. After taking out the 2 snipers on the rooftops, then the 2 patrols on the street, the intel is in a bar you duck into to avoid another sniper on the rooftops.
  2. The second intel is in the courtyard where dozens of your teammates appear on a rooftop and take out the large enemy force. It’s on a cafe table to the left.

Blood Brothers (1 Intel)

  1. After setting Price down, the intel is in the next room in the right corner near the windows towards the exit.

Stronghold (2 Intel)

  1. After falling down the shaft, and after getting flashbanged, you will walk up some stairs into a control room with a few TVs hanging around the room. The intel is in the back left corner of the room.
  2. Shortly after the previous intel, you will walk outside into a large courtyard. Do not follow Price into the lower courtyard, but stay right and follow the catwalk around the edge of the castle and you will find the second intel.

Scorched Earth (5 Intel)

  1. In the first building you walk into, the intel is in a cubicle directly in front of you as you enter the office.
  2. When you get to the roof, the intel is behind a fence on the northeast side, by a short set of stairs.
  3. After rappelling down the building, run straight ahead into the bookstore, and the intel is by the registers.
  4. After destroying the tank with an RPG, you will go onto a large street with a few German tanks. In the Teknik Deutsch building across the street is the intel.
  5. After exiting the destroyed building, you will fight through a bar, and the intel is under the stairs after running past the tank.

Down the Rabbit Hole (2 Intel)

  1. After exiting the elevator, you will enter a large cavernous area. The intel is on top of some filing cabinets in a control room on the left of the cavern.
  2. After breaching the floor and rescuing the president, turn around and in a small room is the second intel.

Dust to Dust (3 Intel)

  1. Turn around 180° after walking up the right escalator and you will see the intel on a bar.
  2. After leaving the elevator, hug the left wall and enter the first door. The intel will be on a poker table.
  3. After the elevator ride, make your way around the central lobby area, then hug the right wall and look on the bars. If you get hit by the rockets, you’ve gone too far.
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