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Almost there… #godofwar

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PS4 Exclusives Guide: 14 Games to Watch

Sony’s list of exclusive upcoming games is looking pretty nice: God of War (4/20 ha) Spider-Man (TBD), Days Gone (TBD), Last of Us Part II (TBD), TBD (TBD)

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Rainbow Six: Siege's New Zombie Update Is So Good, Players Are Coming Back In Droves

I’m loving Ubisoft holding up to their promise of continuing to add major updates to their games years after release. Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Chimera added a co-op zombie mode

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Dark Souls’ Solaire is getting his own amiibo

Praise the Sun! Sunbro Amiibo coming before the Dark Souls Remaster. Now how about a Xanthos Amiibo? Nintendo

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Xbox One Cross-Platform Support Announced for Fortnite - IGN

Fortnite is getting crossplatform play between not just PC and Xbox, but iOS, Andoid and Mac as well. This game is doing its best to cash in on every front, and it seems like they’re doing a great job at it

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